I'm emirefek

3D designer, Barch student, coder

About me

Hi, I'm emirefek. Barch student and tech-nerd someone. Right now I'm studying bachelor of architecture, rather then concretes I think I'm more into CGi and 3D design. In the same time I'm doing Web Designing and software development.

My Skills

3D Design

3dsMAX, Chaos V-Ray knowledge. 3D modelling. Unreal Engine keyframing and animation rendering.

Mini Portfolio

eek-zippo eek-dice eek-fehmipowerbank eek-bereicgi001

Software development

I started software development with Dart/Flutter then decided to it'll be hard for first language because there isn't any much resource in web then switched to JavaScript(HTML/CSS) stack as my first coding language. Thought being able to create frontend, mobile(with ReactNative) and backend(NodeJS) will be good while learning first language.

Get In Touch

You can send e-mail to this address if you want to reach me. hello@emirefek.net